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Make Chicago Safety Lane your Illinois Department of Transportation safety lane of choice. Visit us today for your Federal, State, Rebuilt/Salvage, School Bus, Motorcycle Safety and UBER/LYFT Inspections.

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At Chicago Safety Lane, we offer inspection services for every type of vehicle on the road. You can rely on us to be there for you when you have a vehicle the needs to get an Illinois Department of Transportation inspected.

State and Federal Safety Inspections

Chicago Safety Lane is a state certified inspection Lane with professional CSTs ready to inspect your vehicles. “Appendix G” inspections are mandatory by the State of Illinois for, “for hire” vehicles, and we will do our best to help you navigate that process. Visit us today, and we will find an open spot for your vehicle to be inspected by one of our professional CSTs.

State and Federal Safety Inspections
Brake Tester

Brake Tester

(only required for Special vehicle category)

At Chicago Safety Lane we use the world's most widely accepted and used brake tester in the industry. Braking imbalance is shown at a glance with no complicated electronics or hydraulics. The machine will produce thousands upon thousands of inspections providing a simple, fast reading. The liquid levels in each tube instantly shows the braking ability of each wheel with a fifth tube for total braking effort. It allows our CSTs to detect low, unequal or unsafe braking conditions at a glance.

Alignment Tester

(only required for Special vehicle category)

Calculating the efficiency of your braking system is not enough to keep you safe; you also need to measure the side slip when driving straight. Our alignments tester mounts to the surface of our inspection lane floor. It is 3'-8" long and 12'-5" wide. Gives Toe - In and Toe - Out readings automatically as you drive over. 32,000 lb drive over capacity. Eye level scale makes reading easy, fast and accurate.

Alignment Tester
Diesel Emissions Tester

Diesel Emissions Tester

Hundreds of cars go through our safety inspection service every month, and in our experience, we learned that most people couldn’t get their vehicles certified as safe due to the emissions from their engines. We use specialized exhaust gas analyzers and diesel smoker meters that make a complete BET (Basic Emissions Test) in less than ten minutes. This also includes printing the results with a detailed diagnosis.

Our diesel emission tester will not only check to see if your car is running clean, but it will also highlight the problems that need to be fixed. The tests will be conducted by one of our professional technicians who will be there to answer all your questions.

About Us

Our ownership started out as professional safety managers in the “for hire” passenger carrier industry. Their knowledge on FMCSA regulations and track record for impeccable safety audits made them a logical choice by the State for an inspection facility. They have a combined 70 year background in FMCSA guidelines and you can rest assured that you have professionals inspecting your vehicles. While following all rules required for Illinois Department of Transportation Inspections we also understand that your vehicles being on the road is crucial. We are here to help you meet that goal!

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By choosing Chicago Safety Lane, you are picking a team of professionals that know the importance of your vehicles being on the road. You are getting access to the best CSTs that provide reliable and detailed diagnosis. Chicago Safety Lane is open to the public first come, first served or booked ahead of time at (312) 262-5998 or at

We perform:

  • State Safety Inspections (6 month)
  • Federal Safety inspections (12 month)
  • Brake Test & Side Slip Test
  • Rebuilt Vehicle Inspections
  • School Bus inspections
  • Motorcycle Safety Inspections
  • UBER/LYFT Inspection
  • Inspections: (Tractor/trailer/bus/transit/MPV/ADA)

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  • Afterhours appointments are available upon request

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We are available for any inquiries via phone or email and will reply within 24 hours.


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